Blake Bastion Hummingbird EP Review

Following his jam-packed EP launch show at The Hope & Ruin in Brighton on the 23rd October, AfterDark Brighton has taken a listen of his Hummingbird EP to give you our track by track breakdown. Catch Blake live this month headlining the Open Mic Night at The Gladstone in Brighton on Tuesday 15th November. 


Hummingbird EP Review


Track 1 - Hummingbird

From the first notes of the EP, it's clear that the production is really top quality! Starting with the title track of the EP, 'Hummingbird' has a cool slow groove to it, with a kinda Craig David feel. With gospel influences in the vocal harmonies and the sweeping strings, the song sounds like it would make a great Bond theme song - certainly much better than Sam Smith's rather unpopular 'Writing on the wall' from the latest film Spectre. It's very catchy and radio-friendly without compromising on creativity - in short it's a blinding start to the EP!


Track 2 - We Drive

More moody and atmospheric than the first track, 'We Drive' had a quality vocal with a real Chris Issak/ Tom Smith (Editors frontman) feel to it. A funky guitar line pulses throughout the rest of the track, underpinning the song as sections merge from one to the next in a rather atypical but very welcome way. You even get a nice little guitar solo at the end of the track too. Good times!


Track 3 - Waterfall

Going for a more stripped back/acoustic feel with the guitar on this track, this song feels more like a typical singer-songwriter track - but a very good one at that. Combining intricate guitar melodies and his vocals the way that Hozier does so well. One thing is for sure - Blake is by no means one of those introverted overly self-reflective singer-songwriter types - he delivers all of his lyrics with confidence and a punchy delivery that really grabs you by the ears.


Track 4 - 30 Days

Rounding off the EP with this slightly 90s sounding track, '30 Days'  makes it 4/4 for me with solid tracks for the EP - personally there's little between them in terms of quality, production and arrangement but each track could easily be released as a single in it's own right. 

You can listen to the EP in full below, but if you like it I would strongly recommend giving it a download on iTunes or Amazon and support Blake's musical endeavours for future records. It's a fine piece of work and really does make a great addition to any record collection!



Check out a video of Blake busking live in Brighton to get a feel for his live performance, and check out his next show headlining the Gladstone Open Mic Night on 15th November. 




Blake Bastion on YouTube

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