Black Country Communion At Eventim Apollo, London, 4th January 2018

Black Country Communion are back!! With just two UK dates, this time, the super group played at the ‘home town’ of two of their members (Wolverhampton) on the 2nd of January and at London’s Eventim Apollo on the 4th.

There was no support for the night.

Photos from the night available here


Black Country Communion: Are a British-American hard rock band, who comprise of a few ex’s:- Glenn Hughes (vocals and bass) –ex Deep Purple, Trapeze, California Breed , Jason Bonham (drums) –ex UFO, Foreigner, Derek Sherinian (keyboards) –ex Alice Cooper, Dream Theater and Joe Bonamassa (guitar and vocals).

The band formed in 2009 and split in 2013 (after Joe decided he didn’t want to be in the band anymore). Fortunately, Joe had a change of heart and they have now re-formed and have a fourth studio album to their name titled ‘BCC IV’, which was released last year and their first release in over 5 years.

With the release of acclaimed new album, the two dates in the UK to promote the album were eagerly awaited, but I have to say the price of the tickets was a little on the steep side and the London date was not a sold out show, that it really should have been. (Possibly the ticket price was a bit too much for a lot of fans that would have liked to have seen this band, especially with it being so close to Christmas.)

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the band, it was either going to be an over ego’d, over the top, Led Zeppelin cover band (after all the band does have the son of John Bonham in it) or as the title of ‘super group’ suggested a collaboration of some fine musicians playing their hearts out. By 7:45pm the venue was just about full up, eagerly awaiting the scheduled start of the show at 8pm, and as the band had already announced that they would be playing a full two hour set with no intermission, it was pretty certain that they would be putting on a good show of some description.

Well, we were not let down on that score, what an absolute treat we had and what a privilege to watch a collection of such very talented musicians, play their hearts out with such enthusiasm and passion for the music.

From the very first opening chord of the first song ‘Sway’ (from BCC IV) until the last bow from the band members at the end of their encore the whole evening seemed to be the perfect balance of song choice, song vocalist, showmanship, light show and above all musicianship being played by a group of friends to entertain us all.

Hughes’ vocals were just a delight to hear, and I hope that the local dog population would say the same, as his range goes well above my hearing range these days!! Joe, famed as being a Blues guitarist, does what I can only say is an exceptional job of being a rock guitarist. Jason on drums, whilst I daren’t say is just as good a drummer as his Dad, does make a pretty good job of hitting those skins and Derek’s finesse and passion for tickling the ivories just completes the tightness of this group. Yes, a well rehearsed, well scripted and a well executed performance all round by all of the members of the band.

What a way to start the New Year off!. It may have only been the 4th of January, but this show must surely be in with contention for the gig of the year for 2018??...Fantastic..

Gallery Image


1: Sway

2: One Last Soul

3: Save Me

4: Wanderlust

5: Song of Yesterday

6: The Outsider

7: This Is Your Time

8: Cold

9: The Battle for Hadrian’s Wall

10: The Crow

11: Over My Head

12: The Last Song for My Resting Place (with Gerry O’Connor –from The Dubliners)

13: Man in the Middle

14: Black Country


15: Collide

16: Faithless

17: Mistreated (Deep Purple cover)


Words by: Robert Sutton

Images by: Eric Duvet


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