12 Things You Didn’t Know About Alex Turner

There’s a lot more to Alex Turner than meets the eye. After releasing a second Last Shadow Puppets album with close friend Miles Kane, the pair are currently gallivanting off on the festival circuit, playing sets anywhere that will have them. It’s rumoured that there’s going to be a new Arctic Monkeys album soon as well *gasp*. When that will be released who knows, for now Turner and Kane are an unbreakable team. Here are a few facts about the main man himself that you may not know.



1. The Soundtrack Composer


With a couple of stripped back versions of Arctic Monkeys tracks as well as his own creations, Turner composed the music for Richard Ayoade’s coming-of-age comedy. All Oliver Tate wants to do is lose his virginity: surely that’ll be easier with the crooning tones of the Arctic Monkeys’ frontman?



2. The 50s Transformation


His recent change into a 50s heartthrob caused more than a stir amongst music fans, but in fact it was his conscious decision to become more of “a dick”. He since stated “I am the singer after all. I saw an Elvis picture where he had the curl, and I thought ‘Maybe I could do that’”.



3. Alex Turner: Shy?


The original singer in Artic Monkeys was a fellow school mate of the band called Glyn Jones. Alex Turner was actually too shy to take frontman duties at first, until the others encouraged him to when Glyn left.



4. The Midnight Caller


For the writing process behind Humbug, Turner used to wake up a lot in the middle of the night with song ideas and quickly write them down before going back to sleep. “Some of them became songs around that time of day, when you’re not as alert”.



5. Beatles Fan


His favourite album is Rubber Soul by The Beatles. Not a bad choice, and something that clearly defines an influence on the newer AM.



6. Clubland Influence


According to Turner, he was very influenced by The Prodigy’s album Music For A Jilted Generation for writing songs for Favourite Worst Nightmare. Unsure if I can hear the influence when listening to the record, personally. Can you?



7. My ‘Propeller’


There have been rumours over the years that the song ‘My Propellor’ is about a certain part of Alex’s body. He addressed these claims a few years ago: “If that was a euphemism, then I wouldn’t be saying my propeller wouldn’t spin – ‘cos you wouldn’t want to go shouting that out would you?”



8. 4th Album Title


For some reason Turner had to explain the title of the Arctic’s 3rd album. It’s a boiled sweet, essentially, in case you didn’t know. In turn, he then said “You’ve got to suck it and see”. Two years later, Suck It And See was born. Got to love continuity.



9. Home Nostalgia


Alex Turner now resides in Brooklyn, New York. He misses a few things about the UK though. “Friends and people, of course” he’s said. A touching sentiment. “But crumpets, you can’t really get that can ya?” CRUMPETS!?



10. Fluorescent Love Story


‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ was co-written by Turner’s then girlf while they were holiday in the Med together. Alex and Johanna were reminiscing about people they knew at school when they came up with the idea for the lyrics.



11. A Secret Tattoo


AM finishes with a ballad adaptation of John Cooper Clarke’s ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ because the band are such huge fans of his work. In fact, Alex is such a huge fan that his name is apparently tattooed somewhere on his own body. At least it’s not the usual roses with “Keith” tattooed in a banner across someone’s upper arm.



12. Duran Duran Vibes


Two separate Alex Turner lyrics reference Duran Duran songs. The first is in ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’, referencing ‘Rio’ (“Your name isn’t Rio, but I don’t care for sand”), and the second is in ‘Teddy Picker’, referencing ‘Save A Prayer’ (“I don’t want your prayer, save it for the morning after”).


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