Unike Muzik

Leo Leal’s Unike Muzik is a New York / Mexico based imprint aiming to bring an esteemed collective together under a shared love of forward­reaching House and Techno. The next installment sees the label padrone follow up his collaboration with L’N’F on the dense and brooding ‘The Cellar’ with another collaborative EP, this time with close label affiliate ­ Daniel Cantisani. 

Stemming back to his experimentation with piano, guitar and synths at just 14 and propelled by a degree in Audio Engineering, Daniel’s illustrious career has seen him turn his hand to Jazz, Classical, Funk, Disco and many facets of Electronic music. Throughout various collaborations and aliases he has bolstered his reputation for creating intricate and arresting club music. 

The title track gently blooms behind a pulsing Organ stab and minor-­key sweeps while Overheim’s Assylum rubs pattering, metallic drums up against celestial synths and a steady ambling bass pattern. 

‘Beautiful Stranger’ sees the pair turn in two steadily creeping House/Techno hybrids rich with glacial pads and immaculately designed percussion backed up with remixes from the eminent Emerson Todd and Sascha Dive. 

Following up releases on One Records, Get Physical, Saved Records and Cocoon ­ Emerson Todd uses an active, filtered bass line and signature percussive flashes to subtly toughen Overheim’s Assylum while Sascha Dive’s ‘Psycho Killer Dub’ of Beautiful Stranger does exactly as the title would suggest; forms a rough, tumbling rhythm from staggered kicks and sharpened, clashing percussive elements.

Cat No: UM011 
Artist: Leo Leal & Daniel Cantisani 
Title: Beautiful Stranger 
Label: Unike Muzik 
Release Date: 24th August 2014 

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