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Introducing Maya: An Interview August 2016

  • brighton

  • 26 Aug 2016

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Introducing Maya: An Interview August 2016

AfterDark Brighton caught up with Bukky Fehintola, frontman of the relatively-recently formed Brighton band Maya to see who's who, what's what and why you should come and see them live. Maya's next gig is with Teetotum and Elin Ivarsson at Artista Studio and Gallery - Find out more in our AfterDark Event Listing

Interview With Maya


1. Introduce the band

I'm Bukky, the singer and rhythm guitarist (simple strummer) and generally very energetic presenter of lyrics and such. There's Gurbis the lead guitar, he likes to express himself, you can often find his mouth trembling with passion as he plays. There's Dan the bassist, he's a slick Cornish one that plays bass a lot like a guitar, occasionally sways from side to side when he's playing live. Then there's Nico, a beast of a drummer who is the youngest but most experienced guy in the band, likes to drum with a backpack.

2. Where does your name come from?

Its taken from the Sanskrit language, an ancient Indian language formed by Yogic Monks who put it together based on the sounds they heard whilst meditating, and then assigned them alphabetically accordingly. Maya refers to the relative reality of everything in the universe. That this is real, but on another level it's not real. Like you'd say roaming around on GTA or Crash Bandicoot is not really "real", but then it is real on another level. When your character is stealing cars or collecting question mark boxes...

3. What is your favourite thing about being in a Brighton band?

As I've lived here for five years, three years of which I've been djing, I've got to know the Brighton scene very well. So putting on my own nights that we play with local acts I love is a really enjoyable, holistic experience. I also like being a part of the "cultural conversation".

4. Top 3 favourite venues in Brighton?

1. The Mesmerist, cocktail vibes. 2. Patterns, laid back vibes 3. The Haunt, BIG vibes

5. How do you carve yourself a spot in an already saturated local music scene?

I think we've got something different to offer Brighton. We fuse a lot of different music in a coherent way (I hope). Gurbis the guitarist loves spacey sad pink floyd typa stuff. Dan is Mr Eclectic but you can hear his indie Smiths-Arctic monkeys-Tame Impala leanings. Nico has some Rap/Trap/Hip Hop influences, and I love the lyrics of The Smiths and Bob Dylan but sing in a way mostly influenced by Drake. So as long as we're playing I think we'll stand out.

6. Best gig you've been to this year

Foals at Glastonbury. It was a masterclass in energy, song diversity and crowd connectivity. It really lifted me, and they played at sunset!

7. Maya's best gig so far?

Our last gig at the Mesmerist was a reaaal blast. On the 18th August. Video to come!

8. When's your next release?

We'll be releasing a live video by 29h August and hopefully a single video in October.

9. Why should people come and see you?

We're interesting to watch. The rest of the band are pretty slick. As a performer I'm frantic and lyrically there is a lot to engage with. Performances are only going to get bigger. It's definitely INTERESTING.

10. Finally, if your music was an object, what would it be and why?

Probably an espresso machine. We produce shit that will hopefully hit you, in a nice, slightly bitter, certainly refreshing way. Blends of bean can be sourced from all over the musical spectrum. We drink a lot of coffee, except Gurb, he's from Bradford, so he only drinks English Breakfast.


Maya on YouTube

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