Why Is Berlin Becoming The ‘Go-To’ City For Young Creatives?

Berlin is said to be the city of possibilities. With its cheap rent, forever growing creative scene, and relaxed green atmosphere, more and more young creatives are moving themselves to the big city, in exchange for London. 


With the direction Britain is moving in, it is no surprise that young people are wanting to opt-out of the pressure of the conservative lifestyle. It is becoming all too common to read articles about young people finding our country a struggle to live in, let alone succeed in. People are becoming dissatisfied with the political climate we live in, and rightly so. We are basically being asked to work all hours, to be able to afford our living costs. All work and no play. In cities like London we barely have a voice, in Berlin it seems your voice and ideas are listened to. The people matter. You are put before their economy and growth. 


Berlin seems to take an interest in its people- be them new citizens or original. Of course there will still be some locals who aren’t too happy about the cities ever growing ‘tourist’ scene, but this is not stopping the city’s development. However, generally, the city as a whole welcomes whoever you are, whatever you want to do (within reason…) and your voice. Berlin is said to be the city with ‘no red tape’ in comparison to London. It’s like Berlin is celebrating its freedom after all of the horrific history that went on there. The level they have of acceptance to new people and new ideas is almost unheard-of here.  


If you step out of uni with a degree here you’re immediately asked what industry experience you have, who you have worked for, and what grade you gained. In Berlin this is not the case- they want to know about you, and your ideas. They’re interested. How can you get any job if you haven’t had industry experience!? The only way is if you can afford to work for them for free for a few months, which is not even realistic, let alone doable. Unless you’re very fortunate to have a financial stability at such an early age. Unfortunately there is a lot of us that aren’t, and that’s where we struggle.


Creative wise, Berlin is a much easier place to not be so shaped by commercialism. You can have time to deluge in to a project and really experiment with your ambitious ideas, until you’re happy. Not just until your boss is happy that you’ve reached a ridiculously rushed deadline. As the years go by you can tell that Berlin is not only becoming more popular, but the locals are slowly starting to filter out more and more. Which is a shame, of course, but it’s also exciting. Some smaller fashion stores have become worldwide branded stamps, but Berlin still has its quirky individual culture, and it will do for a very long time. Individuals are key in this city. I could put my bets on somebody moving to Berlin tomorrow with just a few sheets of their ideas to hand, walk in to a company, a bar, or even just talk to a local, and get themselves in to some sort of industry link almost straight away. Now, be careful what bars you go in to if you’re planning on going here. It would seem that the high techno scene is still very much apparent. Good old Germany. They’re still in their scene. 


Berlin will always be home to an alternative culture, self-organised initiatives and an urban experimental scene. And there is no getting rid of how free people feel in this city, so that in itself will always personify Berlin. 


Food for thought.


Natalie Parker

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