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The Beatles Revolver 50 Years - Cover Versions

  • brighton

  • 14 Aug 2016

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The Beatles Revolver 50 Years - Cover Versions

This year marks the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' classic album, Revolver. It is often cited that The Beatles were one of the most influential UK bands of all time, and Revolver in particular is an album which still usually makes an appearance right near the summit of any respectable 'Top (50/100/500) albums of all time' chart. In celebration of the album, The Fab Beatles, the UK's leading Beatles tribute act will be performing the album in full, alongside other favourite Beatles tracks no doubt at Brighton's Komedia on Thursday 18th August

So what was it about the album Revolver which continues to stick in the mind of listeners 50 years from its release? What magic was cast in those 35 minutes to make the album stand the test of time. AfterDark looks at some of the many many covers of songs from the album. Which is your favourite Revolver track?

Track 1 - Taxman

Stevie Ray Vaughan's delivery of Taxman is 'kinda sleazy' as one YouTube commenter notes. It really is. It's down and dirty and we quite like it.

Track 2 - Eleanor Rigby

American post-hardcore band Our Last Night certainly shook this track up. Replacing the strings we have mad bass riffs, heavy drums and guitars and of course, some token post-hardcore screaming. Despite my skepticism of this at first, they're certainly made the song their own so we approve.

Track 3 - I'm Only Sleeping

The Vines cover of this track is quite true to the original, with a nice shimmering guitar sound and Beatles-esque vocals (impressive from the Aussie group). Enjoy!

Track 6 - Yellow Submarine

Revelation turned Ringo's famous track into a disco/funk anthem. It really does have to be heard to be believed.

Track 13 - Got To Get You Into My Life

Jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald's cover of GTGYIML was an unexpected one to find, but her sultry jazz style really works well on the track and takes it in a new direction.

Track 14 - Tomorrow Never Knows

Carla Azar's version of the final track from Revolver was used to accompany a scene of war in the 2011 film Sucker Punch. The film's got a great soundtrack and this is just one of the stand out cover tracks on it. The song truly goes pack a punch too. 

You can see the Fab Beatles performing Revolver on Thursday 18th August at Brighton Komedia. Get Tickets and find out more.


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