Preview: Hattie Briggs - 25/03/15

Everyman Studio Theatre, Cheltenham - 25th March, 2015

Rising Star Hattie Briggs is a singer/songwriter from nearby Stroud. Brought up on the mellow strains of James Taylor and Eva Cassidy she's been singing for as long as she can remember.  Having taken guitar lessons at school, she started to teach herself the basics of piano at 17 and was surprised when she sat down at the keys one day to find her first song "Without a Smile" forming itself within the space of an hour.  She has been writing and recording new material since then and released her debut EP, "My Shepherd's Hut" in November 2013.  This received various very favourable reviews.

Hattie is a natural and sensitive performer with a unique, unaffectedly expressive voice and style.  Her songs are crafted with a maturity that belies her youth, and an honesty that when combined with her presence on stage will win over the hearts of any audience.  She has been gigging regularly all over England to an ever increasing fan base, also gaining lots of air play on local and national radio stations alike. With such a successful year 2015 certainly looks bright for Hattie.


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