Organic Electronic Quintet BisonBison Announce Hover Album

Toronto-based organic electronic quintet BisonBison have released their new single 'Expanding' on 6 December via Zozaya Records. The track has just premiered on Stereofox and is part of their upcoming debut album Hover which will be released on 7 February, with the first single 'Recover' already seeing support from Earmilk and CLASH Magazine. Featuring drummer Brad Weber of Caribou, the album was mastered by Taylor Deupree of 12k Mastering (Sigur Ros, Helios, Vashti Bunyan


BisonBison is the collaboration of producers Dani Ramez and Chad Skinner, drummer Brad Weber, harpist Sinéad Bermingham, and vocalist Sophia Alexandra. The intersection of Ramez's affinity for experimental sounds with Skinner's taste for spacious pads and organic rhythms creates a musical aesthetic that is unique, inspiring, and intellectually engaging. The production style provides the perfect platform for the elementally human contributions of Sophia, Sinéad, and Brad to shine through creating a listening experience that is all at once meditative, melancholic and uplifting.


Amongst their influences are Bonobo, Helios and Christian Löffler, but the group's wide spectrum of reference points from traditional Irish and Middle Eastern music to trip-hop, jazz and folk. While their sound is truly unique, it draws parallels to the atmospheric textures of acts such as Four Tet, Portico Quartet and Kiasmos.

'Expanding' opens with a smooth string quartet that prepares our ears for steadily uplifting percussion, picking and plucking accompanied by affected vocal harmonies. The anthem is carried along with contemplative lyrics to a cathartic instrumental bridge progressively building towards an ecstatic ending. The fusion of folk elements with downtempo electronica characterizes BisonBison's sound which is refreshingly eclectic and heartfelt. This bridging of musical worlds is emblematic of the theme expressed in this song, signalling to the process of finding beauty in the all too often overlooked spaces in-between.


Speaking of the track they note: "The song 'Expanding' is about embracing change with grace even when that might mean losing someone you hold dear. It is about witnessing, holding, and supporting one another in those moments of realization. The moon is a symbol which illuminates the cycles of growth and expansion in our inner lives as well as our shared ones."


Hover Tracklist

1. Hover

2. Journey

3. Pirano

4. Expanding

5. Longing ft. Elly Ball

6. Ocean

7. Recover

8. Outro





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