In celebration of our 5th birthday, this year we will be hiding 13 pieces of treasure around the city for anyone to find! Clues will be released every day from 12 - 18 September across our social media channels. Join the hunt to find packets of treasure from £B20 - £B100!

The Bristol Pound works to create a circular economy, where local independent businesses are favoured over large corporate chains. It’s a radical idea that we can take back control of our economy so that it works for people, not corporations and banks. In line with this theme, the hunt will test players knowledge on Bristol's radical characters, its protests and struggles. The treasure hunt will introduce Captain BrizBeard, the pirate banker who, having revolted from his job in the city of London, fights his way back to Bristol to spread wealth among the people.

CEO of the Bristol Pound, Ciaran Mundy: “a long history connects Bristol and its pirates to the emergence of the first global currency, made from silver mined in South America. The coins were often split into smaller change called “pieces of eight” used across Europe and the Americas. Our very own pirate Captain Brizbeard has ‘buried’ treasure around the city. I am hopeful no blood will be spilled in finding it, instead some fun and understanding that money can be for building the local economy and supporting community.”

So join the hunt by following by following our social media channels:

Happy Hunting!

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