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Band of Skulls & Johnny Lloyd at Electric Ballroom

  • london

  • 25 May 2016

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Band of Skulls & Johnny Lloyd at Electric Ballroom

What a night. I mean seriously? What an incredible night.

I’ve never been to Electric Ballroom before, it was always on the bucket list of London venues and I held it in quite high esteem to be honest. So when the opportunity to see Band of Skulls and Johnny Lloyd presented itself, I jumped at the prospect.
The venue I have to admit isn’t the most desirable on the inside; there’s an odd balcony area and the bar is set away from the stage/pit (which is a very good thing!) However, it is a fantastic venue and the size is perfect not too big that you feel cheated and not too small for it to be an ‘intimate’ gig where you can’t really talk without pissing someone off. It’s nestled somewhere in between Barfly and Village Underground with great lighting, reasonable prizes & tickets. Yes, I definitely give Electric Ballroom a thumbs up.  

Firstly, I’m a huge fan of both Johnny Lloyd and Band of Skulls having seen the two of them a fair few times. Both bands are promoting new releases Johnny Lloyd, after many ups & downs, stops & starts is finally releasing a studio EP (Hello Death) which features on it tracks such as Pilgrims and Happy Humans. Band of Skulls on the other hand are releasing their fourth studio album later this year (By Default) and have given us a taster with a couple singles Killer (a classic foot stomper of a song), So Good and Bodies. In all, they were both kind of teasing us for what’s to come, but oh how we revelled in it. Let the bands play on.

Johnny Lloyd and his new band opened up the night bringing with him now classic tracks such as Pilgrims, Hello Death and Deadbeat. They raced through their set clearly enjoying the music once again. It’s great to see him back on stage and it’s clear that the band have developed a close bond and Migueal (drummer) is back after touring with Lloyd in Tribes giving his laid back indie beats which lends itself perfectly to Lloyds songs. The set was tight and well developed with some of the quieter tracks such as Deadbeat exposing a more vulnerable side. There’s a lot more attention taken to the lyrics of this new material and I can’t wait to hear what comes next. Lloyd is one of Camden’s darlings and he will always be warmly welcomed home on the stages of Camden Town.



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Next up was Band of Skulls renowned for their riff-driven foot-stomping tunes, sexy hook lines and infectious melodies. A raw passion emanates from this band as they tore through Death by Diamonds & Pearls, Himalayan and I Know What I Am. A barrage of bone shattering bluesy chaos. You feel as if you’ve been flung around the room to the rhythm of Russell Marsdens’ guitar licks on Hootchie Cootchie or Emma Richardsons’ sultry vocals on Patterns but by God we crawled back wanting more, and more we got. They finished off with Killer, the debut single from their forthcoming album, then they left us alone to try and figure out what we witnessed.
They’re back. They Are Back. And Lord we were so ready for them.



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They’re on tour now.
By Default is released 27th May.   

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