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8 Things To Get Excited About For Bestival

  • 08 Sep 2016

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8 Things To Get Excited About For Bestival

It’s time to get geared up for Bestival once again, and everyone will be heading over to the Isle Of Wight for the time of their lives. Essentially a mini version of Glastonbury, this year’s headliners, while they have raised a few questions, will no doubt ensure that this is yet another successful year of hedonistic activity. We’ve compiled a list of things you need to check out when you’re there so you know exactly how to have the best weekend of your life!


1. The Amphitheatre

When the partying takes it out of you, take a break and head on over to the Amphitheatre. An enchanting venue which always hosts a whole load of incredible theatre and shows during the day, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy and smoothie while you gear up for the night time. If you go back when the sun goes down, it changes into a fiesta of slapstick and cheeky fun.


2. Invaders Of The Future

If you’re looking for new bands when you come to Bestival, this is the place to find them all. With the likes of Black Honey, Asylums, Moose Blood, Rationale and Spring King already on there, it’s a line-up packed full of the hottest acts in the business, but make sure to check out some of the less well-known names as well. Fickle Friends, Vant, Zibra, Sunflower Bean and Subgiant will all pull off sensational sets themselves.


3. Bollywood

Some say this is the one reason why they keep visiting the Isle Of Wight year after year. With its iconic Temple entranceway and a whole load of Indian décor, it’s great during the day if you fancy a sleep, but by night it turns into the centre of attention as far as the festival is concerned. Make sure to keep yourself awake for the fun and games!



4. The Jagerhaus

All sorts of crazy is set to go down in the Jagerhaus. Appearing at Reading this year, some of the festival’s most insane sets were pulled off inside this steaming venue, and when it arrives at Bestival it’ll be sure to do the same. Dance, punk, hardcore, you name it: all are welcome and all will party. There’s also ice cold Jager being served. What else do you need?


5. Major Lazer

Friday night sees the now iconic Major Lazer headline the main stage, which will go down an absolute storm after their recent chart success with the banger that is ‘Cold Water’. With Jamaican infused beats with the usual electronica, they create a unique sound that’s hard to top in this day and age. They will be the key headliner to determine whether Bestival 2016 will go down in history.


6. The Spaceport

Not unlike the Spaceport and Arcadia at Glastonbury, this is a huge structure full of incredible lighting and lasers that will no doubt set the precedence for festivals in the coming years. Forward-thinking and futuristic, it provides the late night entertainment that puts Bestival on the map.



7. Temple Island

While some may head to The Spaceport to get their fix of rave culture, Temple Island offers the outdoor affair that isn’t a dissimilar atmosphere from the likes of the terrace parties in Ibiza. Some of the biggest names have played here, and it looks like this year will have a few surprises along with the superstars of the DJing world.


8. The World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle

Priding themselves on their world records, Bestival managed to create the world’s biggest disco ball a few years back, and now they’re at it again. Bringing something like this into play is going to be a game changer for them, and while the queues are most likely going to be massive, it’ll be a fun getaway from the hectic life of raving and partying.

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