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10 Best Names On Glastonbury’s Silver Hayes Line-Up

  • 09 May 2017

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10 Best Names On Glastonbury’s Silver Hayes Line-Up

When you’re looking to party into the early hours, Silver Hayes is the place to be for Glastonbury Festival. Of course, the South-East corner is one hell of a night, and you should definitely check that out too, but Silver Hayes is jam packed full of some of the biggest names in dance music. Sonic, Wow! and The Blues are always pumping with big tunes, and here are the people who’ll be smashing it.


1. Redlight

This boy has been weaving around the House and Garage scene for years now, and has slowly made himself a more than reputable name in the business. Laying underground in basement venues for years, he thrilled crowds with his DJing before dabbling in production. Exploding onto the scene with ‘Lost In Your Love’, the following track ‘Get Out My Head’ was a sure-fire hit that swept across the nation, revitalising House music before the Disclosure boys came along in 2012. With collabs with Goldlink, as well as the heavy ‘90s Baby’, Redlight is a staple in bass music and a hero in the Bristol area. We can’t wait for his return to Silver Hayes!


2. My Nu Leng

One of the most inspiring duos of the past ten years, My Nu Leng sprung out of Bristol and have gone right around the world with their unique sound. Infusing Grime with Garage and House, Tommy and Jammo have both applied themselves to the music scene in the best possible way: by coming up with a genre of their own. Deep rhythms and pounding beats, they took on many elements of the Reggae movement and brought it as an outlet for their own production. Blistering sets and raging basslines, they’ve hit up all over the world with their unique sound. Their most recent collab with Flava D on ‘Soul Shake’ has brought the house down in the electronic music scene. Getting respect from the guys at Radio 1Xtra and Rinse FM, they make chart music sound like absolute simplicity.


3. Shy FX

Splitting the British charts in 1994 with the banging ‘Original Nuttah’, one of the biggest Jungle tracks of all time. Andre Williams, aka Shy FX, was born and raised in London, and quickly became one with the underground dance scene in the capital when he was a teenager. Soon after he hit success with the aforementioned release, he unveiled his own record label, Ebony, and since then his remixes have been shaking the Drum & Bass scene on a regular basis. Without him, Drum & Bass would be a much different scene than we have now, and indeed in a worse state. A Glasto regular, expect him to pull out all the stops.


4. Mura Masa

One of the Dance Music’s freshest faces, his set at Glastonbury 2016 on Thursday night was absolutely stunning. Hits like ‘Firefly’ and ‘Lovesick’ encapsulated the crowd from start to finish, and the tiny tent was packed out, spilling into the nearby fields in the area. Never underestimate Mura, he’ll be sure to smash it across the board.


5. Art’s House Army

A mixture of legendary DJs Artwork, Jackmaster, Midland and Peggy Gou, this is one supergroup that will be sure to tear apart Silver Hayes. The last line-up we had like this was JESuS, which brought a huge torrent of bass to the Wow! tent in 2015. They went on to be a Hideout headliner. Who knows what will happen to Art’s House Army in the future after they’re done at Glasto?


6. Wilkinson

Hailing from the suburbs of South London, Wilkinson has been involved in music since the age of 9, and heavily into dance music once he reached 14. His passions grew as he got older, and he swiftly began mixing, as well as producing his own tracks. While many of you will know him for the smash hit ‘Afterglow’, he first hit the Drum & Bass scene with ‘Tonight’ and ‘Take You Higher’, which determined a whole new sound for the genre. With his album ‘Lazers Not Included’ hitting number 1 in several countries, he’s played a whole host of different countries and will return to Glastonbury a hero in dance music.


7. Ray BLK

One of the newest names in urban music, Ray BLK is capturing people’s complete attention right now, especially with her hit song ‘Chill Out’, which has drawn in more than a few punters. Hotly tipped for one of the best sets at the festival she’ll ace it for sure.


8. Bicep

The FEEL MY BICEP guys have been churning our remix after remix, and they’re not looking at holding up any time soon. Known across the world for their eclectic production and unique way of mixing, their take on Dominica’s ‘Gotta Let You Go’ has been a leading force in new releases. ‘Dahlia’ was a severe departure for them, one that definitely paid off in expanding their sound, while ‘Just’ has got Dance Village written all over it. Can’t wait for this one.


9. Charlie Sloth

Radio 1Xtra’s emblem, Charlie Sloth is a mastermind of the underground genres and is one of the best at showcasing new artists, as well as housing some of the biggest names in the business and getting them on the airwaves spitting the freshest bars. He’ll be sure to make his time in Silver Hayes memorable, to say the least.


10. Kolsch

With his trademark hat, Kolsch has been dominating the music underground scene for a full two years now, not holding up except to let the crowd sing along to an incredible tune he’s banged out. Never underestimate this guy – he’ll tear apart any festival set he’s booked to play.


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