The Great Escape 2017 - Thursday Highlights

Coming to Brighton from Thursday 18th - Saturday 20th May is this year's The Great Escape Festival. If you've not been before, it's a bit of a big deal and it pretty much takes over the whole of Brighton for three days, with live music pouring out of almost every pub and venue all day long. Individual day tickets have sold out now, but you can still purchase weekend tickets and combi day tickets (Friday/Saturday) online - BUY TICKETS HERE Over the next few weeks, AfterDark will be hand-picking some of our must-see artists who will be performing in Brighton for The Great Escape 2017. With artists coming from far and wide, from the UK as well as overseas, it is a great chance to hear some of the hottest and freshest new artists before they hit the big leagues and arena tours in the UK. It is a perfect place to find new music and with the majority of venues located in the city centre, it's easy to navigate between the shows. Here are some of our picks who are performing on Thursday 18th May.

The Great Escape 2017 - Thursday Highlights 

#1 CHARLOTTE DAY WILSON - Sallis Benny Theatre - 8:30pm 

CANADA - R&B - Listen to CDW on SoundCloud


#2 GABRIELLE APLIN - One Church - 3pm

UK - Pop/Acoustic - Read more about Gabrielle Aplin on AfterDark


#3 JORDAN MACKAMPA - Unitarian Church - 7:30pm

UK - Folk/Soul - Listen to his debut EP 'Physics'



#4 KOLARS - Komedia (Studio) - 8:15pm

UNITED STATES - Desert Disco/ Glam-a-billy - Listen on SoundCloud



#5 KYTES - Sticky Mike's Frog Bar - 1:30pm & Queens Hotel - 9:15pm

GERMANY - Indie Pop Rock - Listen to their debut album Heads and Tales



#6 RAY BLK - The Old Market - 10pm

UK - Alt-R&B/ Soul - Winner of BBC Sound Of 2017 - READ MORE



#7 SARAH BELKNER - Komedia (Studio) - 1:45pm

AUSTRALIA - Alt Chamber Pop - Stream But You Are, But It Has



#8 SLOTFACE - Wagner Hall - 6:30pm & 8pm

NORWAY - Pop-Rock/Punk - Listen to Empire Records EP



#9 - THE AMAZONS - The East Wing - 9:15pm

UK - Rock - Listen to Don't You Wanna EP



#10 VICTORIA - Latest Music Bar - 9:15pm

UK - Pop-Rock - Listen to more on SoundCloud




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