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Preview: Materials Multi-Genre London Launch at Bussey Building (26th July)

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  • 24 Jun 2019

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Preview: Materials Multi-Genre London Launch at Bussey Building (26th July)

Swashbuckling Brighton multi-genre events outfit Materials make their London debut at the tail end of July, bringing with them a seriously hefty and forward-thinking line-up.

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Brighton locals with a pungent for the underground club scene will certainly have at least heard of the Materials events brand. For a few years now they have consistently invited innovative and experimental artists over a range of different genres to the seaside city. From Kahn & Neek, Dillinja and dBridge (all on the same night may we add), through to Sir Hiss, DJ Storm and Source Direct, the promoters are well acquainted with some of the finest names across the whole spectrum of underground dance music. And now they’re taking the proverbial show on the road, with a typically multi-genre affair that will be music to the ears of Dubstep, Techno, Grime and Jungle fans.



This is a remarkably weighty line-up, one that could be very hard to top across London for the whole of summer. Headlining the night is UK veteran Loefah, a man who was a driving influence in the development of Dubstep in the 2000s. In fact, if it were not for his partnership with Mala and Coki to form the DMZ Dubstep events company, the genre as a whole would not have prospered nearly as much, such was its crucial status in the scene. Nowadays Loefah generally pushes a sound more inclined to UK Techno, especially with his pioneering label Swamp81. At this show, however, the man will be playing a very special 140 set and you can be sure it’s going to be an absolute riot. Tracks like “Disko Rekah” or “Mud” testify to this – old school Dubstep the way it was meant to be before it got tainted by its increased popularity and US influence.



Next up is an underground hero of the UK underground dance scene, Bruce. His music is difficult to summarise under just one genre alone, instead existing at an intriguing intersection between Techno, post-Dubstep, Electronica and who knows what else. With Bruce it is more useful to talk in terms of mood and soundscape rather than genre, and this is what he excels at, creating incredibly hypnotic worlds of sound that hold tension incredibly well. No wonder the man is a Hessle Audio favourite, having signed for them back in 2014. Four years later in 2018 he had the pleasure of releasing only the third full-length album on the instrumental label. “Sonder Somatic” was met with widespread critical acclaim, and only served to amplify his position in the scene. He is also closely affiliated with Timedance, Hemlock and Livity Sound – an impressive catalogue of record labels.


Elsewhere on this truly ridiculous line-up is a pairing between two of the UK Techno scene’s brightest young talents, Facta and Laksa. Both have found enduring success over the last few years, purveying a sound that brings in influences from across the electronic music spectrum. Facta, for instance, takes a huge amount of inspiration from the original Dubstep era of the mid 2000s, but blends it with the current UK Techno explosion, as well as Garage, Grime and experimental electronica. Laksa continues in much the same vein, also adding Electro and Breakbeat into the melting pot of different genres that forms his sound palette. These two are certainly ones to watch in the current years, as they have an abundance of potential attached to them. Judging by their music the chemistry of this b2b will also be top-notch, a great booking by Materials.


The emerging star L U C Y rounds off the line-up, spinning a variety of 140 tracks before ramping up the speed even more until she hits Footwork and Jungle territory. Over the last couple of years the Bristol based DJ has been making serious inroads across the underground dance music scene with music that, again, doesn’t subscribe to any one genre alone. She takes in Grime, Jungle, UK Funky and Garage influences on a variety of her tracks, earmarking herself out as a true musical polyglot. L U C Y isn’t just a highly accomplished producer either, her skills behind the decks are also second to none. No wonder the last couple of years has seen her play multiple Keep Hush parties (of which one was curated by her) and a Boiler Room – that last one was amazing as well. Also closely affiliated with Croydub and Butterz, L U C Y is definitely not one to miss out on.



The talented Materials residents will also be on hand to provide the vibes; it all just makes for a night you really don’t want to miss, whichever part of the underground dance music scene you’re into. It is most definitely a multi-genre event this, and is the perfect way for Materials to enter into the London events world. Tickets are on 3rd release at £14, there is only one ticket tier left after this so don’t hang about!


By Marko Marincic


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