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Preview: Fiction Bring The Heat To Volks On March 12 th

  • brighton

  • 05 Mar 2019

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Preview: Fiction Bring The Heat To Volks On March 12 th

These days there is no absence of events brands popping up across the country, what is rarer to find however is a collective that can consistently pack clubs without a dedicated headliner. Rarer still to see a brand that are committed to creating a loose narrative across their parties. Fiction are now on Chapter 6 of a story that has taken them from the Volks to Bau Wow and even the Bussey Building in London. Each one has built on from the last, proving this is no simple flash in the pan.



At their core Fiction are an inherently multi-genre outfit, whilst focussing strongly on core genres such as House, Bashment, Garage and Trap they can also branch into who knows what else. Over the Summer of 2018 they held a Brighton Carnival at Volks and this further ignited their love of music that makes you smile and dance like a lunatic. It's no secret what genres such as Dancehall, Soca, Bashment and UK Funky can do to the body and the soul – these things are truly hard not to enjoy. Especially in the right environment and atmosphere.  



Of course, you can seldom have too much of a great thing, so it makes perfect sense that Fiction are doing it all over again for their 1st birthday celebration. Taking inspiration from the iconic Trinidad carnival, as well as Notting Hill and the huge mixing pot that is the contemporary UK dance music scene, Volks will undoubtedly be turned into a joyous sea of dancers. Music wise it will be everything you would expect – Dancehall, Bashment, UK Funky, Soca and a load more genres that will get your feet moving no matter what. 



Fiction residents Teddy Nash, J-Marks and Paydro are no strangers to commanding a dance-floor. They have each upped the levels at all of their past events, as well as at venues in both London and Brighton. If you've been to a Fiction party before you will know what to expect. Alongside them for this chapter of the story is Brighton mainstay and carnival enthusiast Baloo. A string of dates in the last few years have seen him support an array of highly regarded DJs, from Monki to My Nu Leng, Nightmares On Wax to CASisDEAD – even Congolese Soukous legend Kanda Bango Man. The man is an eclectic selector for sure, but the underlying current in any of his sets is always a focus on dancing and joyous enjoyment. His Thursday afternoon Club Mundial show on Trickstar Radio is consistently reflective of this. 



Everybody hates Mondays... most end up hating Tuesday as well. Fiction are here to sort that out though, what better way to spice things up than a spot of midweek dancing? Especially when it comes at such a cheap price – entry can be gained from as little as £3 with your name on the Facebook event, £5 if you prefer the security of a pre-bought ticket. It's a no brainer really 



Written by Marko Marincic



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