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Preview: Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra 2017

  • brighton

  • 08 Jan 2017

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Preview: Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra 2017

If you've not already seen the Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra performing at the Dome as part of one of their annual concert series then you are really missing out on one of the music gems that the city has to offer. For those not in the know, the BPO is Brighton's resident orchestra and has performed a concert series in Brighton each year since its inception in 1925, making this current season the orchestra's 92nd! For those of you who may require a little persuasion to possibly attend your first classical concert, here is why we think the Brighton Philharmonic are worth your time.


Why See The Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra?


There seems to be a common misconception that 'classical' music is somewhat uncool and more targeted at your parents or grandparents than the Snapchat generation. However, in a time when film soundtracks are widely listened to by audiences of a younger generation, it looks like orchestral music is getting its way back into the mainstream. Whilst it is true that classical music used to play a larger part of society in the days before TV and the internet and many older people may appreciate it more through familiarity and for nostalgic reasons, great music is great music and I do not think that people should shy away from hearing something new and unfamiliar - after all everything musical that you love now must have been new at one point to you, so how do you know that classical music might not be the next thing that you love.

Younger children in particular seem to really engage with classical music, even when they cannot fully understand it, which again is kind of the point. You do not need to know the techniques used in a painting to admire it, so please don't let any concerns about 'not fitting in' deter you from seeing an orchestra performing live for the first time - it can truly be a magical experience! Each year the BPO runs workshops with local schools, who attend an open rehearsal of the orchestra before a concert, and each year the children go away enthused about classical music, wanting to learn more. 

Audiences at BPO concerts include people from all ages and backgrounds; from young ears hearing classical music performed live for the first time to music students wanting to hear something new (or old!), from couples out on dates to work social events and regular season ticket holders. Many people, again falsely, believe that going to see classical music is a very costly affair that would cause quite a sizeable dent in your wallet. To put the cost into context, a family ticket for 2 adults and 2 children (under 16) starts at just £26 for Band E Seats, which can be cheaper than taking the family to the cinema - plus you don't have to sit through any trailers.(The cost of a family ticket in other seats ranges from £36 for BAND D to £76 for PREMIUM)

Due to the architectural design of The Dome, there really are no bad seats in the venue. The sound is great wherever you sit, and with the orchestra occupying the whole stage, wherever you are you will have a view of the performers. I personally prefer sitting up in the circle, which provides a great view of the whole orchestra, but having seen concerts from most of the different seat sections in the auditorium, I'd say it really doesn't matter too much where you are sat.   

There are 4 remaining concerts for the 2016/2017 concert season, meaning you have four opportunities to see the orchestra live before April, so if you're teetering on the edge of booking for the first time, my advice would be to just do it - you don't know what you might be missing out on.


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