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Preview: 23 Degrees Team Up With Foundations to Bring Kurupt FM's DJ Decoy To Patterns, March 15th

  • brighton

  • 05 Mar 2019

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Preview: 23 Degrees Team Up With Foundations to Bring Kurupt FM's DJ Decoy To Patterns, March 15th

Established Brighton outfit 23 Degrees team up with Foundations to bring Kurupt FM's very own DJ Decoy to the Patterns basement. 108.9 on the dial!




They may appear it, but Kurupt FM – the pirate station behind seminal BBC series People Just Do Nothing – are anything but stupid. Their onscreen antics are seeped in comedy, ignorance, and satire, taking massive influence from Ricky Gervais' The Office. But this is more than just a hilarious mockumentary, it is more than just glorified piss-taking. These guys, aside from their characters, are deeply engrained in sound-system, pirate radio and UK Garage cultures. How else do you think MC Grindah could deliver such hilarious bars with an expert level of precision? Why on earth would DJ Decoy be mixing on vinyl if he didn't actually do it in real life? 



Indeed, after watching some of their live shows or scrolling through their Instagram it becomes quickly apparent that these characters are actually just an exaggerated veneer of their true personalities. Although it is a joke, it's not really a joke to the extent one first thinks. Kurupt FM are selling out huge venues all over the UK and have been for almost 5 years now. On top of this they can quite convincingly be credited with bringing Craig David back out of relative obscurity after he joined them on BBC Radio 1 in 2015. This not only reignited the 00s star's career but also seemed to lift the whole UK Garage scene back into the limelight, subsequently seeing the sound creep back into clubs across the nation. 



And it's not just music they have effected – sportswear brands such as Fila or Slazenger, alongside the heavyweights Nike and Adidas are increasingly being worn out of a sense of fashion rather than practicality. Those Ralph Lauren caps your granddad used to wear? Stuck firmly on the heads of young adults around the country now. You cannot ever take Kurupt FM too seriously, but what they have done for the UKG scene should never be underestimated. People Just Do Nothing really was a wonderful, nostalgia tinted, homage to the age of UK Garage, and the reason why it was such a hit was because of its genuine authenticity. These people live and breathe the culture they are so heavily satirising, they have gained plaudits from P Money to David Rodigan showing that they're as popular within the music community as outside of it. 



So it comes as no surprise then that individual members are increasingly doing their own thing musically now that the series has come to an end. Out of all of them Danny Rankin aka DJ Decoy is making the most movements in terms of club DJ bookings. He's been a regular across the UK circuit for a while now, spinning anything from Grime to Garage all the way through to Dancehall and Bashment. If you ever watched People Just Do Nothing you will know all about Decoy's prowess in the booth and, of course, the studio – he was the man responsible for the beats behind the seminal classics "Heartbeat Monitor Riddim" and "Get Out The Way". No faker then, DJ Decoy is not one to be missed, aside from his musical ability is a special kind of uniqueness. It's not often at all you get the chance to see anyone from the Kurupt FM crew strut their stuff, don't miss out! 



Support comes in the shape of a host of certified Brighton regulars, standard procedure for 23 Degrees who carefully handpick only the best residents. The standout here being Charris & Dubloke, the highly acclaimed Brighton duo who have been upping the temperature on dance floors for a very very long time. Whether it be vinyl, USB or CD... Dubstep, Grime, Garage or UK Funky... these guys know what they're doing. 23 Degrees head honcho Tremayne Defoe rounds of the bill along with rising selectors Bklava and Baloo.


Written by Marko Marincic

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