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MOVES Festival Interview Patterns Brighton Saturday 18th February 2017

  • brighton

  • 14 Feb 2017

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MOVES Festival Interview Patterns Brighton Saturday 18th February 2017

Ahead of next Saturday's all-day festival MOVES at Patterns on Saturday 18th February, AfterDark spoke to Ned AKA Pele and Nicholson to find out about how the festival got started, what you can expect and what QM Records are working on in the local music scene in Brighton.


Firstly, can you tell us a bit about the team working on MOVES?

Nicholson: It's basically the two of us along with some real close friends that we regularly work with on various events.

Ned AKA Pele: We're going hard in the HQ. Shout out to everyone else in the scene working hard and chasing their dreams.

What inspired you to set up your own one-day festival in Brighton?

Ned: We've been going hard for a little bit now. When we set up QM Records we always planned to progress to doing bigger events. What we want to do with MOVES is to put something down in the city that's a great concert but also helps new artists make moves. There are going to be a few interactive talks upstairs at Patterns during the day. It's going to be a vibe. The line-up is insane.

Nicholson: It's something we've wanted to do for a while. Back in the day we probably didn't have enough experience to do so. It feels like a good time to do it right about now.

And had this been in the pipeline for long? How do you plan something like this?

Nicholson: I guess it's been in the back of our minds for a while but we finally got things into gear a few months back.

Ned: The guys at Iggy Magazine wanted us to bring some artists from France to Brighton. We thought OK let's start a new festival and bring them through. We're going to do this every year. We'll add partners to partners.

Tell us about some of the acts performing. How did you choose the line-up?

Nicholson: It's essentially our favourite acts in the city at the moment as well as a few other special artists from London and Paris too.

Ned: A lot of the acts on the line-up have been making serious waves. One Eyed Jacks are legendary - we've seen them shut down Green Door Store a couple of weeks ago in an awesome display. Bobbie Johnson is a great spitter. Half Crown are a serious bunch of guys who have been putting in work for a while. All the acts on the line-up are sick. We're going to get up and do our thing too.

What makes MOVES stand out from other all-dayer events in Brighton?

Nicholson: There is nearly twenty acts performing, around fifteen of them are local and performing on one day under one roof. This probably makes it stand out.

Ned: We're not competing with anyone. We're just bringing the vibe as we see it.

Tell us a bit more about QM Records and the other events that you run in Brighton.

Ned: QM Records is really about helping artists get to a new level. We host regular events at Seven Stars, Patterns, Mesmerist and we're putting artists on at Green Door Store and The Prince Albert. We might pop up somewhere else too. We also do one regular event in London - Peggy's Big Sunday. We're going to be doing more in London and other UK Cities over the course of this year. We're organising tours for artists and have some releases coming too. We're really excited.

Nicholson: We facilitate artists to get to the next step, wherever that may be. We focus heavily on live events and releasing music instead of fully signing an act. This allows artists to maintain their independence whilst benefiting from a few things a label can provide.

Finally, can you sum up in one sentence why people should come along to MOVES?

Ned: It's going to be a Vibe!

Nicholson: Eclectic display of Brighton's resurging music scene.


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