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Brighton’s Hottest House & Techno Raves: September

  • brighton

  • 12 Aug 2019

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Brighton’s Hottest House & Techno Raves: September

House and Techno are two of the most accessible genres in electronic dance music, subsequently drawing huge crowds in raves all across the globe. Since the late 80s the two genres have, in some shape or form, dominated dance floors across a multitude of settings to such an extent that many see them as the quintessential essence of dance music. In countless circles what it means to rave is inextricably linked to House or Techno, or both. After all, both genres had their birth in tandem with the LGBTQ community as music to lose yourself in. And as escapism is the ultimate goal of clubbing there is no surprise the genres are still commonplace today.


The music truly is a worldwide phenomenon that crosses multiple generations as well as borders. From originators such as Jeff Mills, Frankie Knuckles or Larry Levan, all the way through to the current pantheon of House and Techno producers breaking into the mainstream (ie. Disclosure or Nina Kraviz), it just proves at the inherent timelessness in the genres. Much like Drum & Bass, it seems these key parts of the electronic dance music sphere will be around for quite some time. You would be hard pressed to find anywhere on earth where House and Techno raves aren’t common, with so much on offer the choice can often seem somewhat bewildering. Sounds like a guide to the best September House and Techno events across the UK is in order then doesn’t it? Don’t mind if we do.


Since its inception in the 18th Century Brighton has always been a somewhat hedonistic place, and as time went on it kept its status as a place for escapism and fun, often from the bustling metropolis London just up the road. It was the 90s rave scene that really spurned on the city’s love to party, stories of 7 day weekends filled with debauchery have achieved almost mythical status these days. Whether true or not, what you cannot deny is that Brighton’s electronic dance music scene has been incredibly fertile for decades now, and the genres often at the forefront of this? You guessed it, House and Techno. From Fatboy Slim’s legendary beach gig, to the countless sold out raves across the city, these genres have played a part in it all. With such heritage you may be wondering how on earth you’re going to find the best House and Techno raves in Brighton. Well, never fear, we are on hand to help.


Accidental Meetings w/ Volruptus [Live], Assembler Code & Slacker at Rialto Theatre (13th September)


Over the past couple of years the events brand Accidental Meetings have emerged as a truly unique and forward-thinking outfit, bringing down a host of artists to the south coast that aren’t always that commonplace to see. On the 13th of September they continue this trend, inviting Volruptus, Assembler Code and Slacker to Brighton, three artists that are rare faces to see in the UK, let alone the seaside city. On headline duties is the German Volruptus, a man whose extra-terrestrial take on Techno and Electro has been turning heads throughout the scene, earning him releases on some very respected labels like Nina Kraviz’s “????”.

To make things even more exciting he will be performing a very special live set, something that doesn’t happen enough in electronic music gigs these days. Have a listen to the Acid-House tinged Electro slammer “Alien Transmissions” to get an idea of quite how good this set is going to be. The Australian born Assembler Code is also on the bill, another artists who has been a crucial part of the Electro explosion over the last few years, and a frequent collaborator with Jenson Interceptor. Last but not least Accidental Meetings welcome back the Lobster Theremin signee Slacker, someone who has tore the roof down at a few of their previous parties.





Cream Presents Mauro Picotto, Seb Fontaine at The Arch (14th September)


Cream is undeniably one of the biggest clubbing institutions in the whole of the electronic dance music realm, with a golden history that goes all the way back to the early 90s. Over the last 24 years they have firmly established themselves as a critically important institution for raving, with regular takeovers in Ibiza, sold-out nights across the UK, and even their own festival Creamfields. They have come a long way since their humble beginnings in a derelict part of Liverpool, and now they are back at The Arch after a completely ram-packed event last year. As you may expect from them as well, the line-up is absolutely nuts…


The legendary DJ and producer Mauro Picotta heads up the bill off the back of a career that spans over three decades. Artists just don’t get much bigger than the immutable Italian, who has sold several million copies of his various productions and remixes so far, as well as appearing at all the biggest parties the world has to offer. Picotta rose to international fame with tracks such as ‘Lizard’ and ‘Komodo’, and continues to occupy an almost sacred space in the electronic music world. He is joined by Seb Fontaine, Rob Harnetty and Detwiler, whilst Felton & Marshall, Kadenza, Matthew Ward and Tony Waller take care of Room 2.





Muzika* Presents James Zabiela at The Arch (7th September)


Muzika* are back in Brighton once again after a hiatus, and by Jove are they back with a bang! The events team have never been ones to hang about. Any revellers at their previous parties will know that the Muzika* name is synonymous with high-quality House and Techno music, all wrapped up with an unwavering spirit of glitz and glamour. For their first party of the new academic year they invite the renowned DJ James Zabiela to take to The Arch stage, someone who has been at the forefront of electronic dance music since the turn of the century. His career began after winning a “bedroom DJ” competition and subsequently being picked up by the legendary DJ Sasha, receiving crucial mentoring from the Welshman.


Fast-forward to the present day and James Zabiela also has a host of well received productions under his belt, however it is still the DJing side of things that earns him the most plaudits. In fact, Zabiela is such a technical genius behind the decks that many actually refer to him as playing the CDJs much like an instrument. Pioneer even commission him to do vital testing on their equipment before it hits general sale! With that in mind this Jamies Zabiela set really shouldn’t be one to miss, especially as the chance to see him rarely comes about in Brighton.





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