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Birmingham’s Hottest House & Techno Raves: July

  • birmingham

  • 06 Jul 2019

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Birmingham’s Hottest House & Techno Raves: July

House and Techno are two of the most accessible genres in electronic dance music, subsequently drawing huge crowds in raves all across the globe. Since the late 80s the two genres have, in some shape or form, dominated dance floors across a multitude of settings to such an extent that many see them as the quintessential essence of dance music. In countless circles what it means to rave is inextricably linked to House or Techno, or both. After all, both genres had their birth in tandem with the LGBTQ community as music to lose yourself in. And as escapism is the ultimate goal of clubbing there is no surprise the genres are still commonplace today.


The music truly is a worldwide phenomenon that crosses multiple generations as well as borders. From originators such as Jeff Mills, Frankie Knuckles or Larry Levan, all the way through to the current pantheon of House and Techno producers breaking into the mainstream (ie. Disclosure or Nina Kraviz), it just proves at the inherent timelessness in the genres. Much like Drum & Bass, it seems these key parts of the electronic dance music sphere will be around for quite some time. You would be hard pressed to find anywhere on earth where House and Techno raves aren’t common, with so much on offer the choice can often seem somewhat bewildering. Sounds like a guide to the best July House and Techno events across the UK is in order then doesn’t it? Don’t mind if we do.


With such a huge array of underground clubbing destinations Birmingham was always going to be a hot spot for midlands ravers who enjoy the sounds of House and Techno. Due to the city’s sheer size there is an exciting array of venues to choose from ranging from huge warehouse spaces that evoke the traditional spirit of raves to quaint and small rooftop bars that are perfect for a more relaxed dance. With so much choice it can often feel overwhelming, but not to worry, read ahead for our pick of Birmingham’s hottest House and Techno raves in July.


Tekno Disco x Voyage Presents: Roof Garden Takeover at The Mill (6th July)


Aside from the countless BBQs, festivals and trips to the beach, one of the best things about the summer time is the multitude of open-air events that take place across the UK. There are so many venues these days that cater to this, but you will rarely be able to find one that looks quite as good as The Mill’s rooftop garden space. Perfect for an idyllic sunny day, the space can also be almost completely waterproofed, a valuable safeguard against the typical British weather.


Aside from the wonderful location, this event is also exciting due to the highly anticipated link-up between two of Birmingham’s most popular brands – Tekno Disco and Voyage. The former regularly tour up and down the country, throwing parties that push a synthesis between joyous Disco and hypnotic Techno. Voyage work in much the same way, also placing special importance on extended sets that can really begin to resemble a sonic journey. On the bill are Trieste, 808 Moet, Pask and Nicklin. There is absolutely no doubt this will be a solid summer party.



Craig Charles: Mostly Jazz Afterparty at Hare & Hounds (13th July)

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House music owes a lot to Jazz, Funk, Soul and Disco, especially in its formative years where it took major inspiration from the musicality of these genres, flipping it into a groove-inducing phenomenon that would come to take over the world. It is important to know your roots, and any House music aficionado worth their salt will also have a keen understanding of where it came from, and is there anyone better poised to give this lesson than the critically acclaimed DJ Crag Charles.


You may know him as the voice behind the original Robot Wars, or indeed Takeshi’s Castle, but the man is also a very well celebrated Radio 2 DJ, one that has found major popularity with his unique brand of Funk, Soul and Disco. Craig Charles regularly tours the country with the “Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club” brand, but this time he hits the Hare & Hounds in Birmingham for part of its Mostly Jazz festival after-party series. Tickets are £17 currently, even if you are not heading for the festival, this is going to be a corker.



Voyage Presents: Roof Garden Party with Zaltan at The Mill (20th July)

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Voyage have been throwing parties for a few years now, building up an exponentially larger profile with each successful event. Their ethos is refreshing, aiming to host extended DJ sets from artists that can end up resembling a genuine musical journey (hence the name Voyage eh?). In an age where DJ sets are, if anything, getting shorter and shorter, this is definitely something to be commended. You just cannot beat seeing a selector take themselves and the crowd on a sonic journey – and you need a lengthy amount of time to do this.


The Parisian Zaltan is the lucky invitee to their next party, one that also has the pleasure of taking place on The Mill’s roof garden, the perfect place for a summer’s day. The man has adopted the reputation of being somewhat of a crate-digger, constantly on the search for new records that he can weave into often incredibly eclectic DJ sets. Dreamy House, obscure Disco and all manner of other things, expect the unexpected with Zaltan. Just know it will sound incredibly sunny regardless. Tickets sit at £7 at the moment, hurry though, they won’t last for long.



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