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Tom McNair

Hello, I'm Tom McNair. I Play GuitarSaxophone and I sing and beatbox and I mix them all together using a loop pedal. I record the loops LIVE on stage and create the sound of a full band. Mainly beautiful Reggae and Bluesbut also upbeat Funk and Dance grooves. I'm Currently touring the UK promoting my 
latest album "Song For Light Warriors" which has a strong "Acoustic Blues" influence with flavours of Reggae and the "singer songwriter" kind of genre. I worked hard to keep the feel of this album very organic and intimate.

I'm following my dream of being an independent musician, Writing and recording music inspired by my experiences. Also important to me is the lifestyle that I have achieved with this endeavour of music. I spend a lot of time with my wife and children and we live in an old library van. The humble abode means that we don't need loads of money to sustain ourselves and that is why I get to spend lots of time with my family and why I am so blooming happy so much of the time. The poignant part of this to me is that the money part is a TRAP that can require loads of work or commitment or selling your soul (doing it just for the money) just to stay in the trap. where as lower outgoings require less of these so I can WORK with my kids on their ABC's (and mine) and commit to doing things that I want to do and facilitating things that my family want to do and I don't sell my soul in the process.

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