The DMT Experiment

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The DMT Experiment

The band members consist of D(avid) M(oule)  & T(hoby) D(avies) >> DMT

This is a concept of making music in the moment. No sets or templates. No pre-recorded loops or samples via laptops. The music is powerful and energetic, along with the multi-layered live beats creating grooves to go along with soundscapes that range from the most subtle to brutal.

Thoby is the musical Octopus that creates the driving groove with his array of hands-on tech instruments: Arturia MicroBrute, Roland Handsonic, Roland Gi Juno, 2 x Korg Kaossilator Pro, iKaossilator (iPad, processing a wide variety of effects units)

David is the singer/songwriter that turns the tune into a meaningful track with his deep lyrics and live vocal effects processing. With his microphone plugged directly into his Alesis iO dock, he can pick from a range of vocal fx and processing units, as well as pick from wide range of synths and other fx apps that go toward achieving the full live festival experience.

No two tracks ever the same. No two gigs ever the same. Everything changes. Everything is Fluid. We call our music 'OMNItech', as we find it too difficult to pin down what we do according to present labels. So, we had to invent our own. We cross genres from one moment to the next. We mix as we feel from an expansive palette of colourful sounds. We try not to think, but feel our way...

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