Rue Royale

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Rue Royale

Three years after they married, in 2006 Ruth and Brookln Dekker started making music together in their then home city of Chicago, inspired by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, Grandaddy, John Martyn, Jose Gonzalez and Elbow. 

For their upcoming third album, the soulful Anglo-American duo have thrown the doors wide open to help create their boldest, most romantic work to date. After notching up over 100,000 tour miles in just 6 years, they recorded 'Remedies Ahead' in March 2013.

Unlike their first two LPs – ‘Rue Royale’ (2008) and ‘Guide To An Escape’ (2011 and re-released by Sinnbus in 2012) – the pair wrote most of the tracks on the road. “Almost every demo was recorded into my phone during sound checks,” Brookln recalls. “This meant the songs were birthed in big, spacious rooms rather than a bedroom. We took these bare bone demos into the studio with Paul and colored in some of the spaces.”

A cottage industry that’s already reached the farthest corners of Europe and the US, Rue Royale are breaking out – chasing the remedies ahead.

"intimate lo-fi folk with gorgeous understated melodies and harmonies... a must see live act" - The Guardian

"Transfixing vocal twists and turns" - Gold Flake Paint

"Pulsing, rhythmic sounds which can quickly get under the skin of the listener" - For Folk's Sake

"The couple's different backgrounds - Britpop her, American folk and Southern gospel him - give life to a unique style that blends all the influences, giving back a new and genuine sound" - AAA Music

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