People's Children

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People's Children

Once again winter swiftly approaches, and with it comes a fresh batch of bands trying to ‘make it’ by next summer. Bursting beyond the mire of out of tune singing and loose production come People’s Children, who more than deserve their share of the musical limelight. Lyrically and structurally they are a joy to listen to: frontman Brad Higgins seems to out-do himself time and time again when it comes to vocal composition. Especially the openings to ‘Martyr Chime’ and ‘And All’ put you on their hook before fully initiating you into their sanctuary of prevalent chord work and prominent drums. ‘Martyr Chime’ follows this outfit, while ‘And All’ seeks a departure to slightly heavier pastures. It’s the subtle elements that ensure the success of this particular track: the echoing lead guitar sits comfortably alongside each rippling crash of, well, the crash cymbals. This wholesome twinning of instruments is what warrants People’s Children as a band to watch out for. John Kuzara -

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