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*OmNebula [Twisted Frequencies / Alchemists / The Floating Dune] - DJ Set

OmNebula is the co-founder and resident Dj of Twisted Frequencies and Alchemists, the founder of The Floating Dune and co - founder of Lucidity. He is a Dj who has the experience of performing over 10 genres of music over the past 5 years at multiple venues & locations alongside massive names such as Aes Dana, Kaya Project, Globular, Quanta, Celt Islam, Brujo's Bowl, Fishimself, Vlastur, Deep In Mind, Slackbaba, Progenitor and many many more..

He is always exploring new genres and so from a young age OmNebula has embraced his triple nationality, and in search of his own sound, his track selections are not restricted to one genre - Ethnic & Tribal to Ambient & Psybient influenced-tracks, with the occasional Psychedelic infused Trance/Techno vibe.

He regularly makes appearances on various radio stations, events, rave parties and festivals around Greece and the Uk. OmNebula also creates and compiles video footage to be projected at each event alongside his venue decoration..
This is a devoted sound traveller..


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