Millie Manders

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Millie Manders

Millie is as off the wall off the stage as she is on it. A bubbly and bright singer songwriter from South London who writes punchy, punky, bouncy rock pop songs that get you on your feet and moving. Scratch the surface though and lyrically her tough upbringing and life experiences can be felt too.

Millie began her long musical journey at the age of five, experimenting with piano and passing grade five on the clarinet at 11. A keen singer from an early age, she performed in local choirs and theatre productions before receiving, as a 16th birthday gift, six months of vocal coaching with Richard Charlton who is credited with coaching the likes of Ed Sheeran and Leanne Mitchell.

Since then Millie has been in various bands, most notably Second Sense who performed together for six years, supporting Alabama 3 and Subsource and regularly playing to 300 or more fans at The Clapham Grand.

Second Sense disbanded in 2011, but Millie continued developing her vocal and song writing skills in new ways, emerging as a solo singer-songwriter in 2012.

Millie’s music is clearly eclectic and this is a fact she happily celebrates.
“I like to think my music is full of energy and dexterity – a colourful clash of genres incorporating everything from rock and soul to ska and folk. I draw inspiration from many different artists; James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Skunk Anansie, Pink, The Who, Rolling Stones, Reel Big Fish and The Ramones are just a few of my favourites. I was brought up listening to classical, theatre, rock, rhythm and blues and more because my parents are both music lovers so it all plays a part in the way I write.”

The last two years has seen Millie grow a substantial fan base across the UK, release an EP and tour as part of The Brought To You Tour – a collection of unsigned artists - in 2013, cementing her reputation as a hardworking and recognisable force. 
Several online radio stations such as Shoreditch, Croydon, London Unsigned, Krystal and Blast Radio have interviewed her, featured her music and used her to co-host shows. BBC Norfolk very recently featured her track ‘Raw’ on their show hosted by Sophie Little.

Online magazines have also taken a huge interest in her music, with Niji Magazine, Music vs The World, Listen To This Band and Barton quandary having written reviews on Millie’s EP. Niji Magazine have also interviewed and featured her in their publication on several occasions. They also became the press sponsor for The Brought To You Tour in 2013 and follow Millie as ‘one to watch’.
This year sees Millie playing at several festivals across the UK. These include the Popped Music stage for Upton Fab Festival in Worcester, Rhondda Rocks in Wales and K-Fest in Lowestoft as well as others which are currently under negotiation. She is also booked to play at many other venues across the UK.

A new single is to be released this summer with a follow up to her debut EP ‘Demon’ by the end of the year.

“This lady is a star in the making, and if you catch her early enough you’ll get to gloat that you were there at the beginning.” –

“She’s got the makings of a successful musician, and I’d love to be there saying “I told you so!” when she is more widely recognised!” –

“A refreshing blast from the past, English folk artist Millie Manders reminds us of how music used to be.” –

Millie has the ability to get you on your feet and moving with her uplifting soul and rocking back beats, or bring you to your knees with her heart-felt ballads.

Her attention to detail is phenomenal, her stage presence electric – If you haven’t listened to her yet, you need to.

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