Lady Nade

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Lady Nade

‘The Queen of jazz, funk & soul’ - Cleverhead promotions

‘Blue in tone, jazz in flavour, Nade’s is a singular voice: a commanding alto haunted beyond its years, oak deep and rounded, the kind you’d expect to hear spun from a thick cut of shellac at 78rpm’ - Venue Magazine Read full article online

‘Incomparable.. A remarkable voice’ - Grumpy Man promotions

‘For those of you that haven’t heard the utter beauty of Lady Nade’s completely unique voice – you’re in for a veritable treat. You’d find it hard to find another performer today with such a hauntingly effortless whisper. She will hold you in rapture from beginning to end – stunning.’ - Cleverhead promotions

‘Smoky, sultry and beautiful songs… One of Bristol’s best singers’ – The Grain Barge

‘Nade’s songs are filled with emotion and delivered with power in velvety tones, her set is totally engrossing and the talent she possesses is stunning’ - Hampshire chronicle

‘Gorgeous, spine-tingling… A unique voice’ - The Evening Post

‘Nade’s voice is fantastic.’ - Phil Gibbons – BBC Radio Bristol / BCFM

‘A very talented young lady.’ - Junior Saunders – BBC Radio Bristol

‘Emblematic of the Bristol music scene at its best: a distinctively individual performer’ - Julian Owen - Venue Magazine

‘The sound of Lady Nade & The Silhouettes suggests a blend of soul, funk, R&B and folk yet remains refreshingly unique. Lady Nade’s influences as a songwriter include Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill, Antony And The Johnsons, Amy Winehouse, and many others.’


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