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From Cardiff, South Wales, Kyshera released their 1st album in 2010 and have been a consistent force on the alternative Rock scene ever since. Entitled 'Paradigm', their debut release established Kyshera as being a welcome change on the Rock scene with their unique brand of heavy & melodic, yet colourful & unpredictable Hard Rock sound. Described as “Warped Genius” by BBC Radio 1, “pioneering innovators” by Classic Rock Magazine and “One of the best live bands I have ever seen” by Plugged In Magazine, Kyshera's acclaim in the media is topped only by the passion shown by their fans. Known as 'iKons', Kyshera have a very passionate, loyal & growing worldwide fanbase who engage closely with the band through their social networks. 

Before releasing their 2nd album 'Made in China' in 2012, Kyshera had already gained notoriety as a premier live band, having done hundreds of shows on both sides of the Atlantic and honing their relentlessly energetic, visual & interactive live show into the explosive assault on the senses that it is today. 'Made in China' is widely considered to be Kyshera's masterpiece, an intense, complex concept album with a heavy lean into progressive & experimental genres and heavily politicised lyrics. After touring relentlessly for the next 2 years, Kyshera set to work on their 2015 release, 'Circle'. Moving away from the experimentation and genre bending complexity of 'Made in China', Kyshera then created their most accessible album to date. 

Financed exclusively through Crowd Funding & released in March 2015, 'Circle' is an ultra strong collection of melodic alternative Hard Rock songs, chock full of heavy riffs, hooks & audience singalongs, adding yet another level of frenzy to their already notorious live shows. Lyrically also, 'Circle' sees Kyshera move away from the overtly topical subjects of their previous 2 albums, to instead explore more personal themes such as life, death, love, loss & vice, expressed through a character based story which is woven throughout the songs. Media reception of the album was unanimously positive, with PowerPlay Magazine deeming the album Kyshera's 'Masterstroke'. 

Kyshera are a band who have fully embraced the modern era and are heavily involved in their social networks & engaging directly with their fans. The band will now continue to tour as far & wide as possible and who knows what's next!? One thing is certain though, Kyshera will continue to be a band who are innovative, exciting & like nothing else out there.

This is a Movement – Join the Resistance

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