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HiHat Live

"What excites me most now is the spontaneity in the live sets. Each time I perform a track it can sound really different depending on the feeling in the room, adjusting the speed, energy level, sounds and lyrics in connection with the people present. I’m constantly developing the flexibility of the “Mothership of Funk” (MoF - live loop production rig) so that we can immediately follow any musical whims, sometimes branching off from any plans and creating something original on the spot. The MoF wants to give birth to these music delights and my role is no more than a sonic midwife and conductor! --------- I’m experimenting with transparency in all areas of life, making friends with ‘dark’ sides and healing old wounds, and these themes fly through the tracks. I’m also influenced by Non-Violent Communication (NVC), and community building inspired by the peaceful experiments in the Zegg and Tamera intentional communities. Can we let go of the ‘fight’ against things we DON’T want (like corrupt governments and financial systems) and focus all our energies on creating the communities that we DO want? Can we build the new, and let the old structures wither away into history?"

HiHat backed into live sound via dance music production and DJing, and is currently resident DJ at Bass Kitchen Bristol @ the legendary TB2 (Timbuk2) club, UK. Bass Kitchen is the longest running night at TB2 and has long been a big supporter of the Breaks scene previously winning best new club night at Breakspoll. HiHat has been pushing a DJ/live crossover set including adding keyboards, FX, vocoder and samples.

In 2008 HiHat won a Breakbeat remix competition run by Stepsine recordings resulting in his first Vinyl and digital release – the funky stomper “Gen.Sec of Breaks”. His massive Funk Breaks track “Killer Profit” (on iBreaks Funk) which featured samples from the comedian Mark Thomas (Mark Thomas Comedy Product, Ch4), topped the Beatport Breaks chart for 5 weeks.

Currently writing his debut album “Presence Junkie”, HiHat is set to turn heads combining all the techniques developed in his live sets with diverse themes exploring political realisations, the human condition, the nature of creativity and oneness/unity. HiHat is on the look for performance artists and improvisational dancers to create a hybrid band and all-senses show in 2013..

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