Greg Shaw

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Greg Shaw

Whether in the booth, the studio or the laboratory, Greg Shaw is a scientist. He strives to investigate with a fiendish appetite for music. These qualities come out in all aspects of his musical career as a DJ, Promoter and Producer.

Greg started to gain recognition on the scene from 2006 as a resident for Mooch!n, Dirty Blue and the Bristol staple, Just Jack. He has stayed on the cusp of every wave of house trends, whilst remaining true to his energetic yet refined style. He experiments with all sorts of DJ equipment and is just as comfortable behind turntables, CDJs or controllers, occasionally throwing in an Ableton Live set to show off his talent as a live artist.

After his residency at Just Jack, Greg wanted a new challenge and started Drama, a late night after party at Timbuk2. Over 7 years Drama grew from it's humbled beginnings to become one of the most respected and recognized names on the underground house scene, booking huge DJs such as Andre Crom, Sidney Charles, and Saytek often for their first set in Bristol. Greg has an eye and an ear for what makes a good DJ and a good producer.

In recent years Greg has applied his scientific methodology to learning everything he can about production and music. Some of his earliest productions were signed to Baroque Records and his recent collaboration with Nifty has been picked up by Pro B-Tech. Greg is now focusing all of his energy on developing his production techniques to push his music to the next level.

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