Glass Animals

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Glass Animals

Glass Animals are an elusive band. Little information is around to be found about the group, other than a collection of select releases and an intriguing video for latest single ‘Cocoa Hooves’.

Apart from that, there’s no mention of a hometown on their Facebook page, hardly any photographs to be found and no back story. They keep themselves to themselves, only emerging from the undergrowth to unveil their specially honed brand of eclectic synth-pop. There’s a tad of dubstep to be found (only a tad, mind), and the rest is pretty darn soulful, with sultry vocals oozing from the cracks in their electronic whirrings.

Speaking to the band, we finally get a few more details on their enigmatic existence – they’re probably from Oxford. They also like Radiohead, Burial, and slugs. So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Glass Animals.

Glass Animals are the first signing to Wolf Tone, the new label started by producer Paul Epworth, who has had so much success with so many artists, from Adele and Florence to Friendly Fires and Plan B, he makes Midas look clueless. With a track record like his, especially in shaping the sound of so many young bands of the last decade (Futureheads, Bloc Party, Rakes), it feels as though he's got a honed A&R sensibility. So you can't help paying attention to his first signees, who include Zodiac - a Toronto-based producer and songwriter who has worked with the Weeknd - and Glass Animals, a four-piece from Oxfordshire who, as thrusting new indie bands go, are more Alt-J than Oasis. It may be the 20th anniversary of Britpop's peak coming up, but the laddish indie rocker is still being supplanted by the brainy, effete variety.

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