Giovanni Damico

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Giovanni Damico

Giovanni Damico is Self-Taught Musician, Dj and Producer from Italy

Owner of the label White Rabbit Recordings and a very prolific production machine, Giovanni has built his name through the years, releasing lots of records on some of the best underground labels like Fresh Meat, Landed, Skylax, Morris Audio, Ragrange, Seven Music, Movida, Night Drive Music, Geography and so on.

Sharing the console with artists like Vakula, Red Shape, Brandt Brauer Frick, Patrice Scott, Legowelt, Steve Summers and more, Giovanni showed his great skills as DJ and Live Artist in lots of events through Italy and Europe in the last years.

During his performances you can feel all the passion and music culture that Giovanni developed in his career with sounds that ranging from funk, soul and disco to house music in its various shades.

Playing exclusively with vinyls Giovanni is trying to bring with him and for the crowd the old feelings of the underground “Golden Age”. Of course he’s not the only one, but one to must hear!

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