Gigante The Terror Rebel MC

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Gigante The Terror Rebel MC

Gigante The Terror Rebel first appeared as a Reggae and Dancehall DJ on London's legendry Pirate stations back in the late 90's, harnessing his talent with a wealth of inspiration he continued his career as an MC with Saxxon & Symptom ( Savage Rehab)  

His unique, rare and yet exciting flavour certainly takes you on a journey through the Jungle and beyond. Gigante went on to record a number of releases at V records with the Savage boys before taking the scene by storm and working with legendry and inspired artists such as Serial Killlerz, Nicky Blackmarket, Kenny Ken, Bryan G and Dillinja (to name a few).


Gigante then teamed up with the infamous Marvellous Cain and the Yardrock Junglist Foundation after taking the roof off at a Jungle Jam in Leeds, there magic and musical chemistry was instantly apparent and a formidable yet inspired partnership was created firmly concreting the Yardrock family and creating Yardrock Sound.
A flow of creativity instigated a number of projects with Marvellous Cain and Dope Ammo, which have led to releases on RIQ Yardrock Records both past present and forthcoming.

Gigante has also graced his beautiful flavours and performed with veterans such as Benny Page, Jumping Jack Frost, Randall and the Jungle Drummer.

Gigante The Terror Rebel has been snapped up to produce some sensational tracks with artists such as Kenny Ken, Marvellous Cain, Lion Dub, Saxxon & Symptom and last but certainly not least the mighty Savage Rehab.

Gigante takes a more traditional approach to controlling the mic at a party. He is more of a host with the most rather than (what has become) a traditional 90 bars an hour MC. Providing us with a truly uplifting and inspirational musical journey.
Preferring to let the music breathe, Gigante concentrates on connecting with the crowd and saves the bars for those times during the set when they will add something to the overall experience, creating an electric and truly spiritual energy that propels the crowd sky high at the peek of his performance. He can also be found from time to time blasting those bars on award winning radio stations such as rough tempo and Kool FM. If you have not had the pleasure of the Gigante experience, then you really are in for a treat. 1 Luv :)

 It's all about the light touch...

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