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Back in 2011, Famy looked poised to break through. Their debut single, Dogg Dogg, resulted in a slew of well-placed reviews on influential blogs and music sites, and within a year the band were recording their debut album, We Fam Econo, which included the track Donkey. Concluding with the declaration “Famy is here!”, in retrospect it seemed a little premature as it’s only now that the fruits of Famy’s labour are seeing the light of day, with that album finally due out more than two years later this month.

“We recorded the album in the summer of 2012 and we’ve had a lot of management issues, boring kinds of things that just needed loads of time to sort out,” explains Arthur Yates of the album’s much delayed release. “So we’ve been sitting on this record which we really believe in, but we had to sort out all the logistical things first.

“It was the most frustrating thing,” he continues. “When you write something, you want to record it straight away and get it out immediately after.

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