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Ed Scissortongue

Over the last few years Edward Scissortongue has morphed into one of the most outlandish and enterprising musical entities operating in the UKHH scene. The process has been gradual and grinding; leaps and bounds in the space of an evening juxtaposed by months lost in the darkness have seen him develop a musical verve unlike any other; the adventures of a man wading through his very own homemade universe.

His output on a day-to-day is a cause of alarm for his nearest and dearest, who surreptitiously discuss the cocktail of personality disorders they suspect may be the cause of his unique breed of oddball behaviour. In stark contrast, people less close to his heart often stare at him with equal levels of concern and dismay as he twists and twitches down the street, listening to his own voice, while rapping along. It has taken a while, but he has come to the realisation that life is too short and precious to worry about how the cogs turn; they turn the way they do because that is the way they turn. Let them go about their business…

Scissor doesn’t care much for the should’s and shouldn’ts and neither should you. He lives for the music, and refuses to let anything get in the way of that. His music represents the never ending struggle to find total freedom in something. He likes the idea that his music does the talking and truly believes that anyone who cares to know him as a musician would agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment.

Hit play. Sit back. Think stuff. Press repeat.


Having released his debut solo album ‘BETTER.LUCK.NEXT.LIFE’ to critical acclaim back in late 2012, he has been busy chipping away at several new projects that look set to turn 2014 into a sonic tapestry distinctly Scissortongue-sounding. Steeped in the here-and-now but firmly positioned in the limitless realms of a fantastical future, Edward Scissortongue is most at peace when writing his songs. You can be sure of this to be true, as he never writes unless his mind feels devoid of, or at least in control of the banal day-to-day bores that clog him up often, but clog most others up 24/7.

Writing rap songs, building projects, hitting the road and playing live shows has become more than a way of life for Edward Scissortongue. It has become a strange obsession. Not a moment passes when he is not thinking about the World in some sort of strange musical context and he wouldn’t want it any other way. Listen to his music to learn more; ‘THE THEREMIN EP’ is next for Scissor, a project with Jam Baxter and Ghosttown titled ‘LAMINATED CAKES’ will follow soon after and his sophomore solo long player can also be spotted treading water in the darkness somewhere on the horizon.

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