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DJ Rudy

Formerly of Heart & Soul Radio (Manchester) and spearheaded the Soulvation event nights in Bristol this is DJ Rudy…..
A glittering DJ career spanning over two decades playing an eclectic mix style of music but more fondly remembered as DJ Taboo on the rave circuit and more recently as DJ Rudy playing Disco, Boogie and House classics.
The story unfolds from the tender age of 13 where the manipulation of a pause button on a tape deck was soon nurtured into an editing art form and thus the journey into the world of mixing began.
Already a self obsessed music lover, vinyl junkie and avid break-dancer…..Rudy knew the fundamental demands of a dance floor from an early age and so possessed the right credentials of rhythm, knowledge and expertise as to what the crowd demanded and responded to.
Having regularly attended the infamous block parties of Bristol hosts The Wild Bunch (Massive Attack) back in the early 80’’s and by observing their unique mixing and scratching abilities…….the progression from a break-dancer to DJ was the next obvious choice.
So in 1987 Rudy purchased his first pair of Technics Turntables SL1210 mk11’s and began to master his craft.
Self taught in the art of mixing and scratching Rudy was soon out of the bedroom within 6 months rocking small parties and crowds with his DJ expertise….The Journey now unfolds.
Fortunate and privileged to have had the opportunity over the years to play a multitude of clubs, bars and events and to showcase his DJ talents alongside some of the big guns in the music industry…..
With countless residencies under his belt is able to boast appearances on the same billing as house hold names such as Top Buzz, Mickey Finn, Ellis Dee ,Ratty, Easy-groove, Coldcut, DJ Food, DJ Krush to name but a few.
His biggest achievement to date was to represent the Bristol dance stage at the Echo festival in Serbia 2002 where he performed to a crowd of 20,000 people….a feeling he shall always relish.
So what next????? what does the future hold for this bright talented individual???
Currently is co presenting a weekly show called Bristol Street Map alongside his musical partner in crime the infamous Mikee Freedom (Of I wanna give you devotion) status on Bcfm Radio (93.2 Fm)…..a show dedicated to Bristol artists, music and culture and featuring local events and news…..
2013 saw the formidable musical alliance of DJ Rudy and Mikee Freedom for the first time in the shape of 2 new music nights for Bristol:
Shack Out and Groove St were established recapturing the sound of the 80’s where the big sound systems clashed their heavy influences of Reggae, Funk, Soul and Hip Hop: this is their interpretation and have been rocking the parties all over Bristol with this sound and are now taking it to the festivals this summer.
Currently learning music production this is his latest venture!!!!!!!!!!
One things for sure there is plenty of musical life left in this relatively young DJ so watch this space.
Listen to my weekly radio show at every Tuesday night 8pm-10pm.
Check out my other mixes on

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