Digital Niyabinghi

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Digital Niyabinghi

Back in the early 90s Paul Ibiza’s aka Digital Niyabinghi started Ibiza Records label which introduced the underground scene to a form of music with a concept that fused the sounds of US breakbeats with European techno and Reggae samples – ‘Jungle Techno’ was born. These sounds pioneered by outfits like Noise Factory, Potential Bad Boy, 2 On The Tip and Paul Ibiza himself helped influence the evolution of the music genre Jungle that still has influence 25 years later…

So in 2010 Paul Ibiza now known as ‘Digital Niyabinghi’ was inspired to create Jungle Dub as the Jungle music he had helped to invent had totally lost its direction and meaning. Being a Junglist it made sense to merge the Jungle with the Dub and bring it back home to its original foundation. This has taken time to nurture Jungle Dub and five years on the time is right. Therefore Jungle Dub is an extension of Jungle music and has returned back to the sound system culture days of old, that’s why we refer to Jungle Dub as 'sound system’ music. It is the musical fusion of Dub, Reggae, Niyabinghi Beats, Roots and Culture.

Digital Niyabinghi has taken time out and effort to purposely build a custom-designed sound system that delivers the true sound and essence of Jungle Dub that no P.A system can match.

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