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Dead Mans Bones


Dead Mans Bones is the musical project of actor Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields. The pair met in the year of 2005 and bonded apparently over a mutual love of the Haunted Mansion ghost ride at Disneyland. There were surely many other points of interest the pair shared, however it is this one that apparently sparked an interest in writing love songs about ghosts, zombies, death & un-death alongside any other forms of monsters they could concoct. A crooked twist on the everyday love song you might say and a journey into the heart of dark, gothic folk rock. The album was originally penned as a horror-musical however due to costs and funding of a full stage production the duo decided against it and released the songs as a concept album instead.

They’re joined by the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Children’s Choir and often delved into the instrument box themselves without knowing what they were doing or what they were playing. It is this carefree and overt acknowledgment of amateurism that drove the two on their journey. Pushing their comfort zones by embracing their strengths and weaknesses.

The album was toured in autumn of 2009 alongside a talent show at each venue and the inclusion of a local children’s’ choir.

So far they have released four tracks off the album, In the Room Where You Sleep, Name in a Stone, Dead Hearts and Pa Pa Power.
Lose Your Soul
is featured in the French film Age of Panic, and In the Room Where You Sleep was included on the soundtrack to The Conjuring.

The album was released through ANTI- records and produced by Tim Anderson from Ima Robot.

To date there is no information about a follow-up album.

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