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Cousin Avi

The unmistakable sound of Cousin Avi is brought to you by five talented musicians, all sharing the same infectious and unrelenting passion to produce unique and exciting music.

This Anglo-Argentine outfit are intent on causing an invasion; of the musical kind. Having played in various countries, both in Europe and South America, ‘The Avi Train’ has no brakes...

Brought together by its five members (Francisco, Stuart, Ross, Duncan and Jacob) but held together by the extended Cousin Avi family, both in England and Argentina.

If you want conformity this isn’t the line you need! With a bit o’ funk, reggae, rock, soul, blues and anything or everything else in-between, we call on you not to jump aboard, but to leap aboard. Onto what is a never-ending freight, hell bent on a musical revolution!

So, what are you going to say to your children when they ask "Where were YOU when The Avi Train came by?"

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