ComeDown Kings

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ComeDown Kings

If you’ve ever delighted in the filthy magnificence of the ComeDown Kings before then you need not read on.

If you’ve you’ve yet to be graced with their presence, they’d be most pleased to get acquainted...

Mr P is a rambunctious Northern prankster and a self confessed ladder enthusiast

Micky Bliss; Italian Bognorigan geeza, notorious party navigator and generally jackin’

When the fates aligned and allowed circumstances to be just right - the pair collided, united in their quest against bad times and second-rate parties.

Together they provide a brazenly good example of how to feel music; unhindered by genre pigeonholing, they prefer to pick tracks that cause involuntary dancing and the busting out of previously undiscovered moves the lucky audience didn't even know they had; be it house, disco, techno, jazz, funk or showcasing the soul moving magic of music.

They quickly established themselves firmly within the ever growing Bristol party scene, their SpeakEasy’s created a devout following for the carefree fun and sweaty dancing joy they can’t help but ooze.

Since then they’ve partied in and around Bristol, making merry in venues including The Crofters Rights, Mr Wolf’s, Number 51, The Full Moon, Blue Mountain, Timbuk2, Take 5, St Paul’s Carnival and Mother’s Ruin. 

They’ve had the honor of playing with Scratch Perverts, Lack of Afro, Fingerman, Dr Syntax, Boca 45, Mikee Freedom and many more... 

Becoming ever more brash, The ComeDown Kings took it upon themselves to carve out a niche in the underground bristol party scene; providing a wickedly wanton After Party Palace for slaves to the rhythm to worship and enforcing a firm ‘No Buzz Kills or Vibe Harshers Policy’.

The infamy gained by the covert and invitingly ramshackle operating style, coupled with their honest natural flare for an exceptional party has brought a host of new platforms for them to explore anything and everything they want to do - from an ongoing project making their own analogue music using an array of hardware, all the way to playing some of those secret Glastonbury sets you wish you’d been there to witness.

Until next time, the Un-Regal Renegades wish you love, peace and chicken grease.

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