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Artist with releases on Rush Records, Soul Deep Exclusives, Celcius Recordings, E-Motion Records, Shaolin Audio, Stilla Audio, XEX Audio, Artist Recordings



* Under The Weather EP on E-Motion…atherep.aspx

* Balalaika on XEX AUDIO

* You're My Whole World/Dreamwalk on Rush Records…eamwalk.aspx

* Weakness on Stilla Audio…eakness.aspx

* Gelosia/Euro on Rush Records…siaeuro.aspx

* Forgiveness/The Heart Is Full Of Love on E-Motion…loflove.aspx

* Longer Lasting on Artist Recordings…2012.aspx

* You & I (Loz Contreras & Colossus Remix) on Soul Deep Recordings

* Cherish/Paradigm Paradise on Rush Records…aradise.aspx

* Beyond Compare/Rain Fall on Rush Records…ainfall.aspx

* Foundation EP on Soul Deep Exclusives…ep/2365237-02/

* Anima feat. Mr. Science on Shaolin Audio…e/anima.aspx

* Soul:Motion - Serenity (Colossus Remix) on Soul Deep Exclusives

* OddSoul - Summer Lovin' (Colossus Remix) on Celcius Recordings…s-remix.aspx

With DJ support coming from LTJ Bukem, S.P.Y, Mutated Forms, TC, Bryan G, Indivision, Livewire, Savage Rehab, Hybrid Minds, Scott Allen, Technimatic, AMC, Decimal Bass & Konichi (Annix), DC Breaks, Stunna, Hosta, Loz Contreras, Callide, Cabin Fever, Intraspekt, Dara and more

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