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Ben Montague

If Ben Montague’s name sounds familiar, it’s because in 2010 his debut single, Haunted was all over national and commercial radio. He sang live at huge promo events such as Children in Need, and joined the likes of JLS and KT Tunstall on stage in London.

“It was strange going in to shops, sitting in pubs, and hearing my songs, seeing people’s reactions to them, but knowing no one could buy them,” says Ben. “Amazing things were happening for me, but I was still skint, still searching for a deal, still having to take requests at nightclubs to sing Stay With Me or Wonderwall. In every sense, I was unprepared – there was no strategy, no tour, no one to step in and tell me what to do.”

In fact, Ben was so despondent he made the decision to return to his day job, fearing his dream of working in music was unachievable.  ”I’m not sure what hurt more, having to go back to work at the bar, or contacting people I’d taught to say I was available to teach again, or the fact my friends and family were so confused I was not a successful artist.” Ben remembers.

It was only when driving home late from his bar job, he heard his ‘hit’ being played in a petrol station.   Inspired, he realised that he needed to get back in the saddle.  He quit his job and began gigging again.

Fast forward to the present and Ben has the album he wished he had then. The preparation is in place. No duvets were involved. ‘Tales Of Flying And Falling’ is an album that does justice to Ben’s sweet, soulful vocals, to his emotional songwriting, to his epic, lighters-aloft pop. Recorded at Rockfield with producer Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers, Idlewild, Kylie), ‘Tales Of Flying And Falling’ is a set of songs that make perfect sense together; that document a relationship that was right, went wrong, then came right again; that will make his fans fall for him all over again.

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