Angel AKAos

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Angel AKAos
has been playing since the early 90s , in started playing free parties mostly

then i managed to start playing at the famous   ,DIELECTRIC Club , in the basement,my love of hardcore has only got stronger ,  i love to play proper hard ,but can slow it down if neeeded (lol)

i am a VINYL only DJ  , and play old 93--99n  gabber , but mty love is in the harder and faster beats , have played in Berlin ,France , BElgium ,berlin with  gabba nation 

haave played on various radio stations , Speedcore Worldwide , HFU russian radio, Hardsound Radio ,Toxic Sikness , also played up and down the UK , Cuntfield in lLIverpool ,Diehard reuniions in Leicester ,, and many many more 

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