About us

After Dark is the ultimate resource for anything event oriented. From club nights to cabarets, comedy shows to theatre outings – we’ve got the all-in-one, simple to use platform covering nightlife and entertainment in London, Bristol, Cardiff, Brighton, Bournemouth, Bath and Cheltenham.

We listened to our customers’ feedback and have made it easier than ever to ensure you find tickets , the right event, artist or venue in your location, and if you can’t find it you now have the option to create an event yourself via our online forms or through Facebook. Having your finger on the pulse of your city’s nightlife has never been easier

How AfterDark’s ticketing system works

E-tickets are automatically created and emailed to your buyers as a PDF and tickets are also added to their account for easy access when entering your event. The E-ticket will contain your event name, the venue name, the date, a bar code, unique reference number and ticket type.

We pay all bank charges and pay you the face value of every ticket sold. Our ticketing system adds a 10% booking fee to the total amount, which is paid by your customer.

Tracking sales is a breeze with our User Dashboard giving you total control of your ticket sales and events 24 hours per day. We pay ticket revenue on the day of the event into a bank account of your choice. Arrangements can be made for advance payments if required.

Each ticket has a bar code which when presented can be easily scanned with one of our ticket scanners, making entry into your events speedy and effective. Scanning tickets from mobile devices is no issue and saves Tree’s in the process.

Why use AfterDark?

We don't target a particular demographic - but allow visitors to build a profile about events they would like to hear more about. This allows us to directly, and organically, market your venue and events to them. Visitors trust us to keep them informed about events we know they'll love, this results in over a 47% open rate on marketing material; our visitors get your message!

Get even more exposure of your event / product to our website users by having a featured slide on the home page of your local AfterDark for a very competitive rate.

Sell your online tickets quicker and easier by reaching a wider audience with the AfterDark Ticket Reseller Service.

AfterDark has developed a platform to enable promoters and event organisers to list their tickets to our growing ‘Rep’ population at a commission that’s right for you. The higher the commission –the more attractive it will be to our ‘Reps’. You can choose who sells tickets on your behalf and you can select the amount they sell too. The ticket ‘Rep’ will direct sales through their own ticketing shop on AfterDark and their commissions will be taken from the money your event generates from ticket sales.

Ticketing kickbacks

AfterDark is here to help you achieve the right ticket pricing and commission structure for all of the events you run. Working with AfterDark means we can help increase your profits by offering either a share of booking fees or giving your event extensive media coverage at a significantly reduced rate. Depending on the number of tickets you’re selling with us will noticeably change what we can offer you. Speak to your local AfterDark manager for a more in-depth breakdown on commissions available to you, today.

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