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Michael Spicer: The Room Next Door Tour

Join Michael Spicer, creator of internet sensation The Room Next Door, as he talks about his life making comedy under the radar, his viral hits of the past and of course, brand new Room Next Door sketches on his highly anticipated first live tour - The Room Next Tour. This is a unique opportunity to see the man from The Room Next Door finally leave his room behind and walk out onto the live stage. The Room Next Door has amassed over 60 million views online and in 2020 made its American debut on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Michael’s Radio 4 series entitled Michael Spicer: Before Next Door is scheduled for the summer and his book, The Secret Political Adviser, was released by Canongate in October 2020. "Spicer is the foil who reflects the absurdity of what’s being said" - The Observer "Genius" - Richard Herring

The Old Market, Brighton & Hove, Brighton, United Kingdom

Michael Spicer: The Roo...

The Old Market, Brighton & Hove


03 Dec


Nightclub paparazzi live here.
Will your mugshot be the next thing to go viral?

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